Did you know?

  • The name of the intro song on Gabriel’s DVD “Hot and Fluffy” is “Rie Y Llora” and is performed by Celia Cruz. www.celiacruz.com

  • Gabriel does not write his material down or practice it off-stage. What you see is what you get… at least what he remembers.

  • Gabriel has done voice-over work for Family Guy and Disney.

  • Gabriel attended the high school in the film “Freedom Writers” the same year (1994) depicted in the storyline of the movie.

  • Gabriel has performed in all 50 states “Home is when the bus stops moving” – Gabriel.

  • Gabriel Tried to Join the Marines, Army & Navy when he was 20. They all turned him down because of his size. Ironically, he is the most-requested comedian by armed forces

    according to the USO.

  • Gabriel and Enrique Iglesias can be traced back to the original Iglesias family from Spain. Gabriel also had an uncle in Mexico who was a famous comedian named Pompin Iglesias.

  • Gabriel is the #1 comedian on YouTube with over 100,000,000 views world wide.

  • Before stand-up comedy, Gabriel was a cell phone salesman, customer service rep, telemarketer, shoe salesman, construction worker and lifeguard.

  • Since the first time he said “I love chocolate cake” on TV, Gabriel has received over 2,000 chocolate cakes at his shows in the past 10 years

  • In the month of November 2011 Gabriel performed multiple shows in… Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, U.K., Spain, Turkey, Kyrkistan, Germany, Saudi Arabia & U.S.A.

  • Gabriel is an avid bowler. You can often catch him at the bowling lanes knocking down a bunch of pins, burgers, fries and maybe a diet coke or two.

  • Gabriel has spent over 4,000 hours performing on stage! That’s like performing 24 hours a day for over 160 days.

  • If you Google the word FLUFFY… Gabriel is at the top of the search results! He’s listed before Pillows, Cats, Bunnies, Clouds, Pancakes and Omelets.

  • Gabriel has taken over 30,000 pictures with his fans after shows… THIS YEAR ALONE! Most of the pics can still be found on his MySpace.

  • Gabriel was a season six cast member of Nickelodeon’s “ALL THAT” along with Amanda Bynes and Nick Cannon.

  • Gabriel’s fan meet and greets take two times as long as his shows. He loves his fans!!! FYI his average show is 1 hour 30 mins.

  • In his very first year of comedy, Gabriel performed over 200 times from April 10, 1997 (comedy start date) to December 31, 1997.

  • Gabriel once did a meet and greet at an El Paso Best Buy store that lasted over 5 hours. He signed autographs and posed for photos with every person in line.

  • Gabriel runs his own social networks. So if you get a reply, it was actually Fluffy who did it!

  • The name of the intro song on Gabriel’s “I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy” DVD is “Mi Gente” and is performed by Ozomatli. Check them out at www.ozomatli.com.

  • Gabriel employs over 20 people. One of them is an accountant who think Gabriel should fire half of them.

  • Before comedy, Gabriel was a, customer service rep, telemarketer, shoe salesman, construction worker and a lifeguard.

  • Gabriel is a Wish Granting Star for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He is also an ordained minister in the state of California and has even married a couple!

  • While performing in Jordan, Gabriel spent time hanging out with King Abdullah II and was also a personal guest at his Majesty’s royal palace.

  • If you Google the word “Fluffy” Gabriel is at the top of the search results! He’s even listed before cats, bunnies, pancakes and omelets!

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